«In a dérivé, one or more persons during a certain period drop their relations, their work and leisure activities, and all their other usual motives for movement and action, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there»
Guy Debord, Theory of the Dérive, 1958.
The translation of dérive is drift.

DRIFT into the Mediterranean with a mix of contemporary sterling silver pieces and gold plated patterns.

The Crown, The Scepter, The Jewel, The Stone, The Path all adorned with colored gemstones, rough diamonds, gold plated patterns in an uncut and irregular shape.

DRIFT to our modern mysterious style.


Our earth is precious. It feeds our souls, nurtures our creativity, awakens our imagination, and inspires us to greater heights.

Our earth is dying. It is decomposing around us, mutating every day, exhausting its resources, and fracturing under the weight of our inattention.

But our earth is resilient, and we are powerful. From the decay, we can reconstruct a stronger, healthier, sustainable earth. From the rubble we can construct a new earth, to our vision, and for all our futures’.

The Construct – Deconstruct Collection explores these themes and pushes their boundaries to offer a new perspective. One where rubble can be transformed into inspiring beauty, and in decay the seeds of growth can be planted.


Everywhere we look, beauty exists. How that beauty speaks to us, how we interpret it and how we embrace it, lie at the heart of Roula Dfouni’s first collection: New Earth.

The collection explores a central theme, the natural world, and in doing so delivers pieces of earthy, tactile beauty, each one unique, and each one a representation of our world.

Made from oxidized sterling silver combined with either colored Tourmaline or rough Pyrite, every piece of jewelry in the collection is as individual as its eventual wearer. In New Earth, much like our world, nothing is static. Inspired by the colors, forms, geometrical shapes, and fluid grace of nature, the pieces have all been crafted to connect and stack together at the whim and desire of the woman wearing them, allowing them to wear their own representation of the world which surrounds them, every day.

New Earth: your world, your design.